Acronym Investment Launches Award-Winning Flavoring Oils Nationwide

Acronym Investment, holding the most trusted portfolio of cannabis brands, is transforming what has historically been known as the “tincture” market into consumer-friendly “flavoring oils.”  Flavoring oils are designed to instantly turn any food or drink into an edible, while also enhancing the flavor and providing the desired effects of CBD or THC with straight-forward dosing.  

One of their flagship brands, Kush Kitchen, has taken this category to the next level by creating the first ever flavoring oils designed specifically to enhance food (vs. used when cooking food), meaning it is more potent, effective, and flavor-enhancing. Featuring locally sourced ingredients, chef-crafted recipes, and quality tested at the most rigorous levels, Kush Kitchen’s premium flavoring oils are the easiest, healthiest, and best-tasting way for consumers to add a little something “extra” to all of their favorite dishes and/or beverages.  

Don’t just take our word for it–at the beginning of the year, Kush Kitchen’s oils won 1st place overall in the savory category of the Farmer’s Cup Valentine’s Edition, including winning each of the following categories: best flavor, best effect, and best packaging. Consumer feedback has been met with similar enthusiasm–because of the quality, ease of use, and taste, customers have shared that “Using Kush Kitchen flavoring oils is becoming as habitual as adding salt and pepper to a meal, or lime to a beverage.”

What makes Kush Kitchen truly special is the man behind the innovation–Chef Phil Frederick.  Professionally trained with renowned Chefs from France and Spain, Chef Phil pivoted his career in 2020 to dedicate his life to the cannabis industry. 

Being able to infuse anything to a desired dosage, and make them taste even better, is a game changer.  I love how simple and effective these oils are, and they have personally changed my life as a natural and non-addictive means for treating my chronic leg pain.  I get so very excited to see all the ways people use it, and the joy in their reaction.  There’s really no better reward.”
-Chef Phil

By offering recipes tested and perfected by Chef Phil, the recipes on Kush Kitchen’s website help consumers expand their culinary prowess, amplify the flavor of their dishes, and bring Chef Phil’s expertise into their own homes in an experiential and “elevated” way.

Kush Kitchen’s oils come in four THC infused flavors (lime, chili, award-winning garlic, and flavorless) and two CBD options (chili and flavorless).  By offering flavors in both THC and nationally available CBD choices, consumers can choose their favorite infusion type based on their desired effects.

Pioneering the “flavoring oil” category, Acronym Investment is building the go-to product that allows consumers to instantly turn any meal into a delicious, infused masterpiece.  

While the THC flavoring oils are currently only available in California and DC, Acronym Investment has plans to expand within the year.