Frequently Asked Questions

What are Kush Kitchen Flavoring Oils?

Our flavoring oils are a tincture designed for flavoring your food and drinks. Our products are designed so you have an oil for every type of cuisine.

When do I add Kush Kitchen Flavoring Oils to my food?

Our oils should be added right before serving or consuming. If you’re making a recipe that does not need to be cooked under heat, you can add it anytime.

Can I cook or microwave food with flavoring oils in it?

Heating up a food or drink will drastically decrease the potency and could remove it completely.

That being said, it is 100% safe heat up the oil, its just that the THC/CBD can burn off.

How do I know how much to use?

We recommend starting with 3 drops for 5mg of THC and increase as needed.

Do you ship to other legal states?

Our CBD line is available nationwide.

Product containing THC are only available in California and Washington DC.

How do I get Kush Kitchen Flavoring Oils?

You can purchase our CBD products directly from our website.

For products that contain THC, check out our store locator page to find the closest shop to you.

I’m a dispensary and would like to sell your product.

Please fill out the Become a Retailer form and we’ll be in touch.