Elevate Everything

Kush Kitchen’s award winning flavoring oils are the easiest and healthiest way to elevate any meal into a delicious infused delight.

1st Place
Overall Savory Tincture

1st Place
Best Flavor

1st Place
Best Effect

1st Place
Best Packaging

Designed for food

Chef Crafted

Our very own Chef Phil hand crafted and produced our infamous, perfectly balanced recipe.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

We source all of our ingredients locally to help the communities and they simply have better flavor.

Quality and Purity Tested

Our products go through the most rigorous testing to ensure the purest and cleanest product.

What is a flavoring oil?

A flavoring oil is an infused tincture designed to elevate everything. Grab your favorite food or drink, add flavoring oil before serving and enjoy.

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Meet the chef

Executive Chef Phil Frederick of Georgetown Kushcakes has dedicated himself to the pursuit of culinary excellence and sharing his love of good food. Hailing from northwestern Illinois, Phil grew up on a dairy farm where he not only learned how to garden and care for his family’s animals, but also learned firsthand the importance of taking an active role in responsibly growing and sourcing ingredients. Through harvesting wild asparagus and berries for dishes as a kid, his appreciation for the highest quality, natural foods grew, as did his passion for cooking and his ambition to learn as much as he could.

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